Conscious Parenting Coaching in St. Louis, Missouri

From chaos to connection, Aimee Tedoni helps you discover both your authentic self and your child’s authentic self to foster a greater connection.


Until you awaken, you will always be living a pattern not a life.

Aimee works with parents of children anywhere from birth to adolescence. Her method puts a solid spotlight onto the parents, educating them on their problems, focusing on deep inner healing, and finally, creating practical solutions that will benefit both them and their child, opening the door to more joy and a happier family dynamic.


About Aimee, Owner and Founder

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

Aimee Tedoni is the only conscious parenting coach trained and certified by Dr. Shefali’s Institute who is currently offering coaching in the St. Louis area. Her passion for coaching comes from her experience with the program first hand: “I believe in what I do because I have lived it,” says Tedoni, “My son, who is 6, was having behavioral issues. I thought it was my son. It wasn’t my son, it was me.”

“I believe in what I do and my ability to help you.”

You are never too late for conscious-parenting. Aimee went through the transformation herself like a caterpillar to a butterfly and now she is here to guide you through your own awakening.

What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious Parenting:

  • Is Not Hierarchical Nor Is it Linear.
  • Focuses on the parent as the portal for change.
  • Focuses on connection before correction.
  • Focuses on the present moment and the energy the parent brings to the relationship with their child.
  • Teaches parents how to focus on their own feelings and manage them.

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