Learning Your Pain Points

Part of the journey to shifting your habits into a healthier lifestyle is understanding those internal barriers that might be hindering your breakthrough. These internal barriers can show up as pain points and triggers.

We all have triggers, and these triggers are often remnants of past traumas that we have not fully dealt with and resolved. So, when the stress that inevitably comes along with parenting arises, these triggers can cause us to respond in unhealthy ways, such as yelling, shutting down emotionally, and even overeating. All of these can have a negative impact on our children.

To shift these patterns and step into a new mindset, we must recognize these triggers. How do we do that? We must pay attention and be mindful of our feelings and responses to certain situations that may pop up. If you find yourself constantly and excessively responding negatively to a certain aspect of your child’s behavior, there’s a high chance that you’ve been triggered. Other ways to gauge if you’ve been triggered are if:

  • You feel like your response to a situation was out of control
  • You’ve felt this way multiple times
  • In reflection, you recognize that way you responded was “over the top” in comparison to the reality of the situation
  • Your emotions are “explosive,” happening suddenly without warning

What some may not even realize is that many of the triggers we find ourselves having are rooted in our own familial experiences from growing up. As children, it may have been hard for us to express ourselves emotionally when we were hurt, leading us to find ways of coping to survive, while never really treating the wound that had been opened by the ones we loved.

In moving forward from our own triggers, oftentimes the first step is taking the time to mindfully reflect and make sense of the experiences we’ve had as a child. When we’re able to process and work through the experiences we couldn’t process as children, we’re able to heal those wounds and slowly resolve those pain points and triggers, ultimately leading up into the realm of healthier, conscious parenting.

It’s my mission to help bring awareness to clients about their patterns, lifestyle and mindset. Together, we will uncover your coping mechanisms and start down the path of completing the inner work to heal any underlying and unresolved wounds that you may have.

If you’re ready to start your journey, you can book your session and start healing today.

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