Healthy Living

Inspiring a shift in habits to a healthier more authentic lifestyle

Along with the conscious parenting coaching, Aimee is also offering healthy living sessions that dive deeper into your habits and how you deal with certain situations in your life that have a negative effect on your body.

Through this process, Aimee hopes to bring awareness to clients about their patterns, lifestyle and mindset, inspiring a shift in habits to a healthier more authentic lifestyle. We will uncover clients’ coping mechanisms and do the inner work to heal the underlying and unresolved wounds.


Aimee’s Personal Journey

In 2000, I weighed 289 pounds at the prime age of 24. I was broken, in pain and destitute. I had always wanted to lose weight, but never had the drive and ambition. I was about to undergo a major surgery that could potentially result in stroke, paralysis and even death. I promised myself that If I made it through, I was going to lose the weight and I did.

I started my healthy living journey the day after surgery and have kept on this path ever since, losing 159 pounds and changing my mindset completely. Coming from an extensive family history of obesity and gluttony, I shifted my patterns, healed my inner terrain, liberated that part of myself and shed several masks of who I thought I was along the way.

Triggers & Pain Points

Stress is a key component that triggers unhealthy habits. Many parents turn to eating as a coping mechanism for many ways to assuage the pain that they’ve endured throughout their lives. When we uncover the pain points, we can heal the old wounds and learn new healthy habits.


Let’s start now.

If you’re ready to make a change, I accept, celebrate and welcome you here with compassion. I want to help you become aware of the unhealthy habits in your life.