Coaching Vs. Therapy

Therapy and coaching are all-important when it comes to dealing with deep-seated wounds. Someone might even use both forms of support depending on what their situation is.

There are many similarities between the two, such as both being used for seeking clarity and understanding, processing emotions, and learning how to navigate through the storms of life.

While coaching can be therapeutic and even quite cathartic, it is not exactly the same thing as therapy. Here are some main differences between coaching and therapy:

Coaching Focuses on the Present
Therapy spends a lot of focused time on past experiences. While coaching also takes time to discuss the past, we’re more focused on changing present behavior to shape your future.

Coaching is Usually Time-Bound
While someone can see a coach for a long-period of time, we usually take you through a set program or number of sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Coaches Don’t Diagnose
Coaches speak to the human experience; however, we are not licensed therapists. Instead, we are certified coaches that are here to help you with your own healing. We don’t diagnose or treat illnesses—rather we break down negative patterns of behavior, remove wanted emotional barriers and create room for growth and long-term change.

As your conscious parenting coach, it is my goal to help you discover both your authentic self and your child’s true essence to foster a greater connection. If you’re interested in learning how I can help you through your journey of self-discovery, you can book a free 30-minute discovery call with me here.

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