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The goal of Awaken With Aimee is for parents to heal their inner wounds so that they are able to truly connect with themselves and as a result, connect with their family on a deeper level. This process eliminates rewards and punishments and moves toward connection before any type of correction. Along with this, Aimee assists parents in getting attuned to their child's needs so that they are able to fulfill them.


About Aimee Tedoni, Owner & Founder

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

Aimee Tedoni is an educator, coaching and conscious parenting professional, and the founder and owner of Awaken With Aimee, Conscious Parenting Coaching in St. Louis, MO.

Aimee has been on this path of self discovery since the start of college in 2009. Her passion for learning developed when she engaged in her first psychology classes. The language and knowledge fulfilled Aimee with an empowered sense of self, and it was then that she knew she wanted to continue to travel this path of self healing.

Becoming a mother took her off the main path and down a much more underdeveloped path. After going through a personal journey with her family and children, she started her career in June 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

After coming across the work of Dr. Shefali, author and expert in family dynamics and personal development, Aimee started the journey to find her true essence, realizing that it was up to her to mend the relationship between her and her children. Through dedication, and with the willingness to change, Aimee began to release all guilt, fear, shame, and resentment she had carried for many years. Aimee is most proud of walking this path of inner liberation and freedom, able to better connect with herself and most importantly, her children.

Inspired and driven by the work of Dr. Shefali, Aimee was led to the coaching institute offered by Dr. Shefali where she received her certification to be a coach practitioner specifically for conscious parenting. Aimee has traveled the journey from start to finish. Now, her goal is to help other parents on their spiritual journey to wholeness.

Prior to starting this new journey, Aimee worked in the hospital setting, being a certified surgical technologist and holding an OR license. Aimee went to Forest Park Community College and Meramec Community College here in St.Louis, MO.

In her spare time, Aimee enjoys gardening, reading, and cooking. She also enjoys exercising and spending time with her family.

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